Chapel Mapping Announces a Cloud Based Customer Viewing Tool for Immediate Field Inventory Review

Chapel Mapping is pleased to announce a Cloud Based Customer Viewing Tool for Immediate Field Inventory Review. This new Tool has revolutionized how utilities can now interact with collection efforts during a field inventory project and provides a comfort level for decision makers previously unattainable on these projects. All that will be needed to attain this unique benefit is a smart phone or computer connection with web access.

The new Tool allows for immediate “return on investment” by a utility as they are able to begin working with collected data the day after it is inventoried. The Tool also serves as an excellent progress report as anyone in your utility can login to see daily progress on data collection efforts.

The Cloud application shows a map view of primary, secondary and point features along with a series of pictures of each feature collected. What this means is that anything our field personnel collect today will be integrated with all previously collected data and available on the Cloud for you to view tomorrow morning.

View Short Demo

If you want to see how this new technology is revolutionizing the GPS field inventory industry, please feel free to contact us at 814-706-4674 or by email at

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