“What separates Chapel Mapping from other GPS vendors is their assembly line verification process, which delivers an unparalleled level of data accuracy.”

Flint Energies
Warner Robins, GA
James Rogers, Manager of Engineering
79,000 Meters
150,628 Points Delivered 6 months early

“Identifying all points with tags, pictures, and GPS locations has paid off for many years at Diverse Power. The picture documentation creates an indispensable ongoing resource that is used throughout our organization to solve all kinds of issues.”

Diverse Power Incorporated
LaGrange, GA
Jamin Blair, Engineering Manager
86,788 Points Delivered on time

“Chapel Mapping has an unrivaled asset cataloging system. Time and time again, I have used these pictures to tell me things that no one else would know. It just wouldn’t make sense to me to do a system inventory any other way.”

4-County Electric Power Association
Columbus, MS
Lynn Timbrook, P.E., Manager of Engineering
42,825 Meters
161,000 Points Delivered on time

“As one of the people ultimately responsible for the success of the field inventory project, I found the Chapel Mapping web tools replaced my anxiety with confidence. They allowed me to see my data when it was collected and watch it change each day as it went through the assembly line verification process until the day it was delivered. I also used the web tools for project milestone reviews with upper management and our board. There is nothing like quick access to completely up to date data in a meeting like that. It is a pleasure to have the people at Chapel Mapping perform a field inventory project. They are very experienced, knowledgeable, organized and friendly. Best of all, they provide the tools and data transparency that result in a very positive customer experience."

Central GA EMC
Jackson, GA
Ben Thomason
Director of Field Services
50,605 Meters
148,720 Points Collected / In Process

“It has been a pleasure working with a company as professional as yours! You deliver what you say when you say you are going to deliver it and the oversight on my part has been minimal which has allowed me to concentrate on other items that need my attention.”

Flint Energies, Warner Robins, GA
Fort Benning Army Post, Columbus, GA
Ed Hawkins, GIS Specialist
150,628 Points Delivered Early

“The Chapel Mapping team, from office staff to field data collectors, consistently delivered data, answered questions, and finish project milestone on time, as promised. It is refreshing to work with a vendor who is consistently on time and lives up to their promises.”

Flint Energies, Warner Robins, GA
Fort Benning Army Post, Columbus, GA
John Garner, GISP, GIS Manager
150,628 Points Delivered

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