About Us: Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Chapel Mapping was created to help electric utilities efficiently serve power to their communities by providing the highest quality GPS collection services available. We enable utilities to maximize the potential of their GIS software by providing the most accurate field data possible.

Our commitment

  • Create a service first attitude in everything we do.
  • Stay on the technological forefront of the electric utility industry.
  • Compete aggressively in the utility market.
  • Continually improve our customers' operational efficiency by providing virtually error free data..


  • We set the standard for detail, quality, and service in this industry.


  • We value our customers: Who are striving to provide quality service and dependable electric power supply to their communities and are counting on us to help make that possible.
  • We value quality service to all our customers and in all we do.
  • We value employees: Who are honest, motivated, empowered, and committed to teamwork, self-development and their communities.
  • We value integrity: in everything we do

The Purpose

  • To provide effective and timely GPS field services to electric utilities

The Business Strategy

  • Employ, train, and develop the necessary programming, production, and service personnel and offer the products and services that will best meet our customers' needs
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